Support when you need it.

I can help you through the fear and overwhelm to find more joy in the everyday moments of parenthood. 



Need someone to listen? Problem solve? Gain perspective? By offering a window into what’s happening developmentally for your child, I can help you meet the challenges of parenting with confidence and understanding, empowering you to trust your own parenting intuition…even when it goes against contemporary parenting practices.

I offer a 1 hour consultation through Skype, either by video or phone, which you can book online when you’re ready. Can’t find a day or time that works? No problem, just let me know so I can open up some additional dates/times that will work for you.

I also offer in-person consultations in the downtown area of Kingston, Ontario.



“Amy has been an invaluable resource to me since becoming a mom. Her wisdom and compassion are edifying. Her words are always just what I need to hear in that moment. Many times I have been overcome with frustration and Amy has given me a new perspective by allowing me to view the situation through the eyes of my toddlers. Amy has a heart for seeing parents connect with their kids. The time we have with our little ones is precious and fleeting. Amy will continue to be someone I rely on to help me make the most of my time with my kids.”

- Lynn S. of New Brunswick, Canada